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Q2 Online-Learning for Elementary graders

Dear Parents of Elementary graders,
Happy New Year 2021, in light of the ministry of education announcement, schools have been requested to begin on-line learning, from our return date on 10th January 2021, until 20th February 2021.

Here are the guidelines for the coming period (until further notice).

Education will be online through both google classroom and zoom.

  • Zoom sessions will be available for all grades in all subjects. All sessions will be recorded for the students to watch in later times if they miss any ( available on google classroom).
  •  Videos and PowerPoints will be provided besides the zoom sessions and recordings.
  • Schedules for zoom sessions will be posted on the school website &google classroom on Saturday,9th January 2021.
  • Quizzes, Assignments and projects are highly important for the students’ grading so please make sure they are done efficiently and on time.
  • Quarter 2 Exams will be held online on January 31st,2021 till February 4th,2021.
  •  Mid-year vacation is from Feb., 7th Feb. till 11th Feb2021. Meaning that no materials or quizzes will be posted then.
  • Quarter 3 starts on Sunday 14th Feb 2021.

Stay Safe

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