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Admission Policy

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Admission decisions are made by May 31st for each new academic year. Application received after June 1st will be notified in August depending on availability of space. The following admission procedures are what the school will base its students placement upon

  1. Completion of CMS application for admission signed by parent/guardian.
  2. Assessment tests (in English including Comprehension, Language & Writing and in Math) for applicants to determine placement and levels.
  3. The students must speak and comprehend English.
  • Placement tests will be corrected within 24 hours.
  • Parents are notified of test scores within 48 hours after the assessment.
  • Grading is as follows: 86%-100% above average, 60%-85% on level, below 60% below average).
  • In case of an “F” –less than 60, the assessment may be rescheduled at a later date and a summer course could be offered at the request of the parent.


  1. The following documents and information must be submitted to CMS within a week of acceptance of the student.
    1. Birth certificate.
    2. Registration fees.
    3. 12 Photographs.
    4. Parent /guardian I.D /Passport.
    5. Copy of passport (Foreigners).
    6. Student’s medical report.
    7. Bus transportation information (Address-Phone/Cell Phone).
    8. Phone No. / Emergency phone No.


  1. Students transferred from National system must:
    1. Present an approval transfer form from Educational Zone.
    2. Present previous school report cards with advanced level English scores for the previous two years. They should be stamped from the Educational Zone.


  1. Egyptian/Foreign students transferred from International Schools must:
    1. Present report cards showing most recent grade level completed, stamped by the school.
    2. Please refer to item 3 admission policy.


  1. Egyptians coming from abroad should have:
    1. A school report card for previous 2 years stamped by the Egyptian Embassy.
    2. Please refer to item 3 admission policy .