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School Values and Beliefs

Cairo Modern International School (CMIS) community believes that learning is a life- long , ever-changing process ;therefore, the mission of the school is to teach students how to learn , and achieve at the highest levels , and to prepare each student to contribute in the broadest sense to the effectiveness of the school community as well as to the community at large .

At CMIS we are committed to the following beliefs about learning:

Students learn best when:

  • Instruction is varied in its practice and is individualized to students’ particular learning styles, and when they are fully engaged and self- motivated.
  • Assessment by the school is designed not only to assess current levels of achievement, but also to establish new goals for achievement.
  • Academics, the arts, career and technology, electives, co- curricular and extra –curricular activities are crucial to a well – rounded education.
  • Students also learn best by experience and by developing higher levels of mastery when they can apply learned knowledge and skills to new situations.
  • We further believe that students learn best in safe environments and when the entire community fully supports their learning.
Our Values:

Our core values are: Care, Mutual Trust, Mutual Respect, Tolerance, Fairness, Openness, Responsibility, Persistence, and Excellence.

At CMIS we demonstrate:
  • Care for ourselves, others and our environment.
  • Relationships with students, parents, colleagues and the community are based on mutual trust, and mutual respect.
  • We develop responsible citizens by increasing awareness of personal strengths and promoting independence.
  • We help our students be loyal, trustworthy, courteous cooperative, persistent, and honest.

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