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The clinic

The school clinic is fully equipped with first aid medical equipment and medications

The clinic is staffed with a full time specialized doctor who provides medical and health services in the form of:

  • First aid procedures in case of emergency cases then notification of parents/ guardians. The student is taken to the hospital accompanied by the school doctor and one of the school administrators.
  • In case of illness or simple injuries, appropriate medication and first aids are provided to the student and a full medical report is sent with the
    student to the parents.
  • Follow up for the students with chronic illness or special medical conditions.
  • Regular health screening for students from CDC- Grade 6 is done on weekly bases and a weekly report is sent to the parents.
  • Necessary vaccinations (by the Egyptian Ministry of Health) are given to the students after taking a written permission from the parents.
  • Medical and health advises are given to the students through written reports to the parents.
  • In case of any health or medical problems, the doctor contacts the parents, discuss the issue with them and suggests a solution.

In order to keep up with our medical services, parents/guardians are required to:

  • Fill a complete medical form in the beginning of the year including all the important medical information about your child.
  • Notifying the school doctor with any special condition or chronic illness of your child, her special medication and ways of dealing with the condition.
  • If your child needs to take special medication in the daily school hours, the following protocol must be applied:
    The medication must be in its original container and its date of expiry must be checked.
  • The medication must be labeled with the student , name and grade.
  • The dosage and timing of the medication must be written clearly on a paper and sent with the medication.
  • The medication is sent with the bus matron or given directly to the school coordinators and it will be returned back by the same way.
  • It is strictly and completely forbidden to leave the medication with the student for safety purposes.
  • Updating your child medical information and phone number.


The doctor is available to consult with the parents as needed regarding health concerns of students, so please feel free to contact the school doctor through the school phone numbers during school hours.