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REMINDER 3 Dear parents, You are kindly requested to send your daughter’s photo with her name and grade written on the photo’s back to print the student’s ID card in order to facilitate the school’s pick up procedures. Your cooperation is appreciated.
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Dear Parents kindly fill in the form in order to update your daughter/s data, if already done please ignore it. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNgYEtBlL1Zasc7HfA00P6ZZ7a9IvD2fCRelJ3VBuu6rA1Fw/viewform
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Grade 6 Grade 8 Grade 7
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supply list Gr.1 Supply list Gr. 2 supply list Gr.3 Supply List Gr.4 Supply List Gr.5
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CDC 2020-2021 Kg 2020-2021 Pre-K 2020-2021
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DEAR PARENTS AND STUDENTS Kindly find below the school’s plan during the 1st quarter 2020-2021: Tuesday, 15th September is the first day for kindergarten. Kgs students are expected to come onsite (on campus) 4 days/week, Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday.Thursday is a day-off for the whole school. Sunday,20th September 
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الضوابط المتعلقة بالتنسيق للجامعات: ——————————– ١- يمكن اختبار ACT الطلاب من دخول الكليات الأدبية حال اجتيازهم اختبارات اللغة الإنجليزية وعددهم اثنان + اختبار Math (الرياضيات) فقط. ٢- عند رغبة الطالب دخول الكليات العملية فيما عدا القطاع الطبي وقطاع الهندسة فعليه إضافة اختبار Science الخاص باختبارات 
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