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Character Building

By incorporating a character Building Program into the educational curriculum at Cairo Modern International School, we help our students to strengthen their religious beliefs, values, and morals which are essential to guiding young women in today’s changing society.


The Character Building Department provides an excellent hands-on learning style to help our students to understand Islamic beliefs. Classroom instruction provides the fundamentals and along with the hands-on learning technique student learning is reinforced.  Students participate in games, songs, or activities related to the program.


The school offers two (2) mosques within the school building for students to complete daily prayers.


The Character Building Program is designed to help the students understand and learn the following:

  • Understanding Fekh of worship
  • Faith
  • Islamic events
  • Stories from the Holy Quran and stories of the prophets
  • Understanding Sunnah
  • Ethics and morals


The curriculum for the Islamic program helps us to:

  • Stimulate awareness of religious matters concerning everyday life.
  • Provide discussion of beliefs.
  • Allow students to collect, display and interpret Islamic data in daily activities.
  • Use critical thinking.
  • Apply Islamic beliefs & interpretation along with the educational mission.


Some activities may include:

  • Charity work during the month of Ramadan (packaging rice, sugar, macaroni, etc. for the needy of the neighboring area).
  • Visiting Nursing Homes to teach children caring about the elderly.
  • Visiting orphanages.
  • Seminars on various topics, health issues and

Treatments according to Sunnah by guest speakers.

  • Miniature Hajj & Hijra rituals.
  • Quran recital competitions.
  • Iftar with community.
  • Working on Islamic related projects.